• Pulled by gravity.
    Pushed by verve.

The Downhill El Dorado of Sölden
Lines. Trails and No Limits.

The helmet adjusted; the gloves as well. The brakes in good shape. In front of you: hundreds of metres of single trails of the finest quality. Speedy curve variations, well positioned abutters, step-ups, wall rides, table jumps, tree-root passages and stony places. 700 kilometres of free riding and downhill runs: from ‘blue’ through ‘red’ to ‘black’ designations, and the ‘heavenly’ Bike Republic of Sölden all make it possible for no eye to remain dry during your ‘downhill’ vacation in Sölden. Excellent ‘flow experience’ over 16 kilometres of ‘shaped lines’. 29 kilometres of natural single trails, and the best of the ‘Bike Republic of Sölden’, where you not only can visit without a visa, but you also immediately obtain a passport. You can win a ‘rubber stamp’ after every trail, and then collect your indispensable ‘bike goodies’ in the Sölden Leisure-Time Arena. The only conditions for entry: an ‘off-road’ experienced ‘Fully’. A ‘downhill’ tested helmet, and any amount of ‘guts’ in the bones. But, don’t worry, you can get all this (apart from the ‘guts’) and experienced guides at the Bike Hire Station directly in the ‘Republic’.

Rapidity is not everything. But, of course it is more fun when you can really accelerate as well. The Ötztal Valley offers a Downhill Paradise for all levels of skill.

Downhill and Sölden
Kicking up the dust is all part of the fun.

Just like the mud splashes between the goggles and the helmet. The ‘kick’ before each start and then the exhilarating speed, when you get into the ‘flow’ of it. And, suddenly the feeling – nothing else can hold you back. Downhill has ‘tradition’ in Sölden. And, our 3 Star Superior Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt has been here right from the very beginning. That’s why your hotel hosts will give you a ‘High Five on the house’, after every successful run. Later, you’ll get simply unique insider tips for a greater ‘adrenaline’ surge and goose pimples, too. But, don’t forget our ‘peak service’ and the many specials at The Bäckelar Wirt – the sports hotel in Sölden – it wasn’t just the only one, but is the only address for genuine downhill- and bike enthusiasts.


It couldn’t be more different than just all-inclusive. Discover our 3 Star Superior-Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt and the entire world of sport in the Ötztal. But, of course at the best price – and with ‘top’ terms and conditions, added to our numerous ‘special offers’ and other campaigns. Discover them, now!

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