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Your vacation in Sölden
Anticipation grows. As soon as you exceed yourself.

Your adventure begins where the horizon for everyone else ends. That’s why you chose a vacation in Sölden. And, one thing we can promise you, you chose rightly. You are going to find here innumerable possibilities of overcoming your closest rival - yourself – and you’re going to win out, too.

And, more than just a vacation in Sölden.
There will nothing left to discover, afterwards.

Because when you have experienced a vacation in Sölden, you will be able to say that. And, it will not matter whether you take the vacation in winter, or whether you are a ‘child’ of the summer. The Ötztal Valley will be able to enthuse you at any time of the year. You have 195 kilometres of best prepared cross-country ski runs, meteoric toboggan runs for winter fun, by night and day. 50 kilometres of winter hiking trails. And, 143.9 best prepared ski run kilometres in the Sölden Ski Arena with an additional 70 kilometres of ‘off-piste’ runs, where you can negotiate 2,000 metres of height altitude in one single run. You can’t beat that, can you? There you are, then. And, here comes the summer. There are 250 three-thousander peaks for you to discover – on 1,600 kilometres of hiking trails, 850 kilometres of MTB routes, on the water and Canyoning, on land and from the air. What are you waiting for, then? Best book now.

In Sölden we can garantee you variety. Whether skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking or rafting. There is something to do for all sports fans. Book wonderful days now
in your 3-star superior hotel Bäckelar Wirt

It’s more than just vacationing in Sölden and the Ötztal.
Sölden and the Ötztal lay down the gauntlet! Challenge!
Steep. High. Wild.

The throbbing in the temples. Sweat on the forehead. A hollow thumping in the chest. An orchestra of emotions. And, lots of willpower: These are the ingredients for your vacation in Sölden. A combination of thrills, action and sportiness. Summer, or winter, doesn’t matter when. It’s available the whole year through. Meet the force of gravity. Overcome it with the ‘MTB’ – the Mountain Bike. Or, challenge it on the Climbing Wall. Or ride-on over its back – carried by the finest powder snow, throughout the Sölden Ski Arena. Among other things, the Ötztal has one thing to recommend it: It’s steep. O.K. Recovery – recuperation in a cozy bed in one of our super rooms. Lay out flat. Enjoy the peace and quiet – and just relax.

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