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Fat Biking in Ötztal
Thin tyres were things of yesterday. Now we ride ‘fat’.

And, just to keep sober about it! Fat Biking bikes are now fully in ‘trend’. And, the three inch fat tyres ensure, that you get right on top of any ‘off-road’ trail. Doesn’t matter what time of the year. Whatever proved to be a previous nightmare of any biker, is now an exciting challenge. Sand, mud –even snow are now no problem for you on a fat bike, and tree-rooted forest trails can now be mastered by rain and storm. Sölden and Ötztal present ideal training grounds for you and your fat bike. That goes for fat-bike beginners, too. Sölden now has now fat-bike tyred machines on hire. Get your ‘fatty’ here and enjoy great fun ‘from Alaska’ on your vacation in Sölden!

ʻFat’ is in! You can master any terrain with tyres 3.0 to 4.8 inches fat.
That includes snow, mud and even sand. You can negotiate them all with your fat bike.

Fat Biking and the Ötztal is all yours
Thick tyres and their story to tell.

Think fat bikes are a new thing? Wrong! Actually you could say that this sort of bikes with the fat tyres are the actual precursors of the mountain bikes and trekking bikes of today! Because, even at the beginning of the 20th Century, cyclists had been experimenting with tyres and inner tubes. And, some of these already had astronomical diameters. The whole of the present trend was started rolling by a Frenchman named Jean Naud, with the chunky-looking tyres, when he traversed half of Africa in 1980 on a fat bike. Fat bikes only celebrated their debut recently in Sölden and the Ötztal. Since then, the trend can hardly be stopped. Why not find out for yourself? On holiday in the Ötztal – naturally at the Bike Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt in Sölden. 


It couldn’t be more different than just all-inclusive. Discover our 3 Star Superior-Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt and the entire world of sport in the Ötztal. But, of course at the best price – and with ‘top’ terms and conditions, added to our numerous ‘special offers’ and other campaigns. Discover them, now!

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