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Ötztal belongs to the Racing Bike
We change the forest paths for asphalt road surfaces.

Smooth, clean and curvy: those are the roads in Ötztal. They are perfect for your racing bike. Majestically, they wind throughout the 67 kilometre long Valley. Over mountains, meadows and ‘dreamy’ villages. The gradients rear up before you, and make for much sweat and burning calves. Afterwards, you get the joy and the ‘heady’ speeds of the downhill run. Enjoy your racing-bike highlight during your vacation in Sölden – ‘Rettenbachferner’. This gigantic glacier is the highest point in the whole Alpine Region, which can be mastered by your racing bike. At its 2,830 metres of altitude, it is higher than the famous ‘Cime de la Bonette’ in France, which for most bike riders is the highest of the Alpine passes. From there, you can ride the newly asphalted Ötztal Glacier Route to the ‘Tiefenbergeferner’ and even further. Taken all in all, your racing bike vacation in Sölden will offer you over 3,800 kilometres of glorious routes with gigantic Alpine topography throughout all of Austrian Tyrol.

Over 3,800 kilometres. As well as the highest altitude racing-bike point of the entire Alps, at over 2,830 metres. Just waiting for you and your racing bike in Ötztal. 

Ötztal: Bike- and Racing Bike -Events
Speed is Everything.

Since the year 1982, the legendary ‘Ötztal Bike Marathon’ has been held every August. There are usually up to 4,000 athletes participating – maybe, you could be one of them as well – the route is over 238 kilometers on racing bikes out of Sölden and back, and differences of altitude of some 5,500 meters have to be mastered. You should grasp this opportunity and secure a place at the start of this unique event. We, for our part would be glad to support you in making your application and look forward to providing you with all the necessary information and of informing you personally. And, in addition we can assure you, that after such a tour you won’t be able to sleep any better than at the 3 Star Superior Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt in Sölden in the Ötztal. We are the vacation sports’ hotel for sportsmen and women, and we give our all for the sport – sportsmen just like you!


It couldn’t be more different than just all-inclusive. Discover our 3 Star Superior-Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt and the entire world of sport in the Ötztal. But, of course at the best price – and with ‘top’ terms and conditions, added to our numerous ‘special offers’ and other campaigns. Discover them, now!

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