• 12 Pools.
    7 Saunas.

The Längenfeld Aqua Dome near Sölden in Ötztal
The best Thermal Resort Spa of the Alps.

Even ‘extreme sportsmen’ and ‘fitness professionals’ take time off to pamper themselves here, and enjoy a break from time to time. Should you however seek to enjoy something really great, then you should not miss out, in any event on the excellent wellness facilities of the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld near Sölden. Your sojourn here measures a fantastic 22,000 square metres of 12 indoor and outdoor pools, at 34 C° to 36C° heated water temperature, 7 saunas and 4 exclusive bars and restaurants, for enabling you to switch all the fibres of your muscle apparatus into the ‘rest mode’. That enables, recuperation, regeneration, vitality and renewed energy. For still more mountain biking, hiking, skiing enjoyment and outdoor experiences. The Aquadome in Längenfeld near Sölden: the charging station where the ‘Bäckelar’s Athletes’ generate new energy.

Thermal Springs – the highlight of Längenfeld
Valuable thermal spa water meets up with an architectural
masterpiece in the famous Aqua Dome, near Sölden. 

Offerings in the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, near Sölden
The power from the center of our earth.

Renewed power and quite a lot of regeneration comes up out of 1,865 meters deep down under the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, near Sölden. In the form of water.  40 degrees Celsius. The gush has been measured at three to four liters a second. The sulphur content is around 5 mg S-/l and relieves pain and inflammation, and then furthers the blood circulation. Even the skin benefits as well. Sulphur is germ-adverse and regulates the sebum production. Längenfeld has already been famous since the 16th Century for this treasure from the center of our earth. The Längenfeld Aqua Dome near Sölden has embellished the former Spa: ‘Längenfelder Badl’ with a stylish and above all, delightful touch and has become a real ‘eye-catcher’, quite apart from being a relaxation center. It’s only 15 minutes by car from your 3 Star Superior Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt.


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