• Pioneers
    in a world of
    snow and ice.

Skiing tours in Ötztal
Don’t hesitate when the mountains call.

Because, it’s your invitation to penetrate deep into their soul – to initiate introductory rides over ‘virgin’ slopes - between bizarre outcrops of rock, into the everlasting ice of the glaciers – into a world so strange, it’s almost like being on a distant planet. Any sort of resistance is pointless. To try and resist the magical attraction of white-blue shimmering snowfields, the highlighted sunshine and innumerable altitude kilometres, has simply no sense. Instead, just don your touring skis, get a touring guide and discover the high Alpine terrain, with its numerous protective Alpine huts, and the freedom of over 3,000 metres of altitude. This is all accessible direct from Sölden, even in springtime, when glorious ‘firn’ snow conditions are prevalent and change the terrain into a ‘diamond’-like paradise. Ski touring in Ötztal represents a challenge for real pioneers. Book your room in the ‘base camp’ now: Hotel***star The Bäckelar Wirt.

Traces in the snow. Everlasting ice, powder snow and ‘firn’ (corn snow). And, the most breath-taking views, you can ever imagine: Ski touring in Ötztal.

Skiing Tours in the Ötztal
Enjoying natural surroundings off the pistes.

Maybe you are an already experienced ski touring ace? In that case, you are already ‘in the know’. For all those, who still have their first ascent in front of them – just choose yourself an experienced touring guide and get on the way. Because, anyone in the Ötztal can go on skiing tours. Anyone, who possesses sufficiently good body conditions. Anyone, who knows how to ski downhill. The equipment is available in the ski hire. Mountains? Innumerable. There are over 250 of them of over 3,000 meters altitude in the whole of the Ötztal. What you now need is motivation, good snow conditions and a sports’ hotel in the Ötztal that knows what to expect. A hotel in fact, like The Bäckelar Wirt in Sölden.


It couldn’t be more different than just all-inclusive. Discover our 3 Star Superior-Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt and the entire world of sport in the Ötztal. But, of course at the best price – and with ‘top’ terms and conditions, added to our numerous ‘special offers’ and other campaigns. Discover them, now!

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