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Scrambling and Climbing in Ötztal
Carpe Diem…

... has practically become just a saying. But, when climbing or scrambling in Ötztal, and anywhere else in the World, it has become the golden rule. Each moment here means everything. Each step, each stage enables the next one. And, just one moment of inadvertence makes the difference. Between victory or the rope. Fortunately, in the legendary granite-climbing arena of Ötztal, you have more than 20 climbing parks, where you can let off steam as much as you like. With a total of 750 routes, 8 scrambling- and climbing –courses, around Sölden, and with numerous multiple rope lengths, you can experience all degrees of scrambling difficulty and climbing skill. The Climbing Park Freizeit Arena in the vicinity of your Hotel***star The Bäckelar Wirt provides fun for climbers between times. What is your favourite climbing- or scrambling –course in Ötztal? Book now and find out!

The Ötztal goes vertical
There are 600 routes for you to challenge the law of gravity.
You can conquer the rock face and yourself as well, in the granite climbing and scrambling arena – in the Ötztal. 

Fixed-rope climbing routes in the Ötztal
No chances of getting ‘vertigo’ here.

The handholds get less and less with each meter of height gained. Practically no surfaces left to reach a hold. Below you, 20 meters of steep rock face. And, no going back. You drag yourself up. Again and again. You pull on the last reserves of strength left to you, and then finally you get to the top. Climbers and scramblers in the Ötztal have been writing history there for over 80 years, now. Over 600 routes in a great variety of fixed-rope routes, and climbing-scrambling parks as well as indoor arenas. Now, it’s your turn to perform. Doesn’t matter whether ‘hard mover’, speed climber or scrambler, or just beginner. Sölden and the Ötztal can offer you the right climbing or scrambling course, for all demands. All you need now, is the right hotel. We can provide you with a ‘hot tip’. The Hotel***Star The Bäckelar Wirt in Sölden. That’s your point of departure for scrambling and climbing in the Ötztal. Created by sportsmen for sportsmen and women.


It couldn’t be more different than just all-inclusive. Discover our 3 Star Superior-Hotel The Bäckelar Wirt and the entire world of sport in the Ötztal. But, of course at the best price – and with ‘top’ terms and conditions, added to our numerous ‘special offers’ and other campaigns. Discover them, now!

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